About Dnglab Associate

DNGLAB ASSOCIATE (M) SDN. BHD. 201001012485 (1000409-A)

Established in Malaysia and based in Penang, Dnglab Associate is a subsidiary of the DNG Corp. The company produces delicious coffee and cereal beverages enriched with selected choice nutrients from reliable organic sources.

Dnglab Associate currently confines itself to providing a comprehensive range of customised solutions for OEM and ODM requirements based on marketing objectives, ingredient formulations, packaging specifications, label design and budget consideration.

As a one-stop provider of OEM and ODM requirements, Dnglab Associate upholds the principles of good manufacturing practice in all aspects of its operations - from research and development to manufacturing, packaging, labelling and quality control. Dnglab Associate is in the process of enhancing its present capacity output to meet the growing demands of both the local and multinational markets.

Vision & Mission

Dnglab Associate's fixes its vision upon a worldwide community wherein the consumption of health foods is an intrinsic part of everyone's daily habits. It sees a universal community where the promotion of health through selected supplements is not merely a trend, but a way of life.

Dnglab Associate sets for itself the mission of being a major contributor towards this health-oriented trend by producing dietary supplements and beverages formulated from dependent, time-tested formulas as well as those from the latest technological findings.