Product Range

The range of products manufactured by Dnglab Associate to conform with customised formulations for OEM and ODM requirements are categorised under coffees, beverages and cereals and comprise:

  • Instant Coffee Mixture with Tongkat Ali
  • Instant Coffee Mixture with Ganoderma
  • Instant Coffee Mixture with Ganoderma & Green Tea
  • Instant Coffee Mixture with Ginkgo & Ginseng
  • Instant Coffee Mixture with Ganoderma, Collagen & Kacip Fatima
  • Instant Coffee Powder with Tongkat Ali & Maca
  • Instant Cappuccino Coffee with Ganoderma
  • Ganoderma & Tongkat Ali 5-In-I Decaffeinated Coffee
  • French Vanilla Ganoderma Cappuccino Coffee
  • Ganoderma & Tongkat Ali Black Coffee
  • Ganoderma & Tongkat Ali 5-In-1 Coffee
  • Instant Coffee with Ginseng
  • Instant Coffee with Maca
  • Ganoderma Chocolate
  • Sea Water Spirulina
  • Instant Wheatgrass with Chlorophyll Granule
  • Ginseng Ganoderma with Honey
  • Ginseng Honey Ginger
  • Instant Fibre-rich N-meal
  • Instant Cereal with Sprulina, Soybean & Noni Beverage